Part 2…..A Designer’s Home

I wanted to share a few more photos of our home just to prove being a designer doesn’t mean we live in a home that looks like it’s out of the pages of a swanky design magazine.  Remember those houses are staged and styled by professionals.  An interior photo shoot takes hours to prepare for. The rooms are cleared of clutter (you know, the stuff we can’t life without, and wouldn’t dream of parting with) and many times re-arranged just to get the right furniture into the frame.  The lighting is also geared solely to photography.  All of that being said, here are a few more shots.  Hope you enjoy, and I would love hearing from you.

This is one of my favorite spots to relax (if you don’t mind the occasional interruption of a booming voice shouting “Fore!!!!).  We spend a lot of time out here, and since the weather is pretty close to being perfect, it’s used frequently.

I think that Otis loves it most of all.  He only barks at people who walk their dogs along our path…….usually!

Our bedroom is another refuge, especially during the rainy winter months when it seems to get dark at 5:00 PM.  It’s relaxing, and comfortable, and is in dire need of a revamping.   Maybe next year?

A prime example of where styling a bedroom for a photography session would be welcomed.  Otis doesn’t seem to mind at all.

This little corner of the dining room is home to ojbects that have loads of memories for me.  The chair belonged to my brother and used to sit in a pile of junk in the corner of his front porch in Minneapolis.  I salvaged it, and Indiana artist, Judy Jarrett painted a little scene on it of my brother and I living in a little shack in Hawaii (one of his favorite places).  The soup tureen belonged to my husbands Mother, the candlesticks to a great aunt and are from Russia, and the watercolor is from the 1800’s and is of Ely Cathedral, in Ely, Cambridge, England.  My mother used to play on the beautiful grounds of the Cathedral, chasing the peacocks that used to roam the area freely.  This little corner means so much to me.

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A Designers Home…’s not so different than your own!

When people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes don’t know how to answer.  I’ve spent a very large part of my life being an interior designer for numerous companies, HNTB, Gensler, Ware Malcomb and my own company, Logan Ramaker in Indianapolis. Now I spend most of my time writing and volunteering, with the occasional coaching client. My days are busy and filled with doing what I love and finally, after all these years, just enjoying my home. My life in Southern California is filled with family and the challenge of making new friends.  I’m a busy girl! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!

As the average designer knows, we have access to the finest furniture and finishes around.  We are exposed daily to the some of the most magnificent pieces of furniture and lighting in the world from some of the most exciting and innovative manufacturers.  So much to choose from, so little time and in the case of most of us, so little money on which to spend for the luxuries we so covet.  All of these things come with a price that even at designer net pricing, can be out of our means.  Commercial interior designers and architects are notoriously underpaid and overworked!  Do I hear an amen from those of you out there who know what I mean?  All of that being said, most designers live very normally, our homes are usually nice, and comfortable.  I think most people would be surprised at how simply we all live.

I thought I’d share some photos with you.

The front entry.  I have purchased architectural salvage from different cities where we have lived. It’s been fun moving it all around from city to city, and it’s sometimes been hard to explain to the movers what the pieces really are, and why we’re carting around bits of old buildings.

This little cafe table and chairs used to sit on our front porch in the Bay Area.  We had wonderful views of San Francisco, now it is a place holder for the front patio.  It always will remind me of good times in the Bay Area, and wine on the front porch at sunset!

This is the entry hall at the front door.  I love this portrait of Jamie’s dad, which we reframed as a Father’s Day gift from all of us. He loved it.  The other pieces are from Indiana artists, Carl Pope, James Cunningham and an artist I can’t remember. oops!

Looking down the entry hall, towards the kitchen.  The artwork is by Will Northener and Rosemary Logan (my fabulous Aunt!).

From Living Room into Dining area, I waited a long time for my Peacock Chairs!  Thirty years to be exact.  That was the very first time I saw them, and it was instant love.

My expansive dream kitchen!  The Michael Graves tea kettle was a gift to me over 26 years ago! It’s a classic!

The peony’s remind me of Indiana in the summertime, minus the ants! The covered table was just an old laminate top with Falcon base. Can’t wait to be rid of that old table.  Looking for something a bit more transitional.

The lighted niche is a real extravagance.  The glass shelves are 1/2″ think, and simply beautiful! The bookcases at the far end are from Room and Board.  The small wood stool is from a small shop in Berkeley, it’s a counterpoint for an Eames walnut stool at the other end.

Master Bath/Shower.  The light well is great because we don’t have a window in this space.  Another one of those 1/2″ thick shelves.

Guest Bath.  The artwork is rendered details from Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona. All different sizes, but matted and framed the same way.  I think it give nice continuity to the pictures.

Things are always changing……stay tuned!


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If I had 25M…………….would I want to live here?

All right the view is spectacular, the terrace is inviting, but am I really a New Yorker?  Do I want to be a New Yorker?  Would I ever feel at home in New York.

I’m a California sort of person, I couldn’t find a cab in my little beach town if I waved a handful of twenties.

But I must admit, I could see myself here, for a short time, maybe.  It is elegant, I would always want to make changes.

Dinner served by the help?  Seating for 12 at least.  Champagne of course…..I just don’t think this is me, maybe for 25M I would rather be right on the beach….yep, right on the beach is the perfect spot for me.

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Casa Orlandi Guesthouse

The fabulous 18th Century palazzo  is in Prato, Italy.  Prato is a 30-minute train ride from Florence filled with charming trattorias, 13th Century stone walls and watchtowers,  and an amazing textile museum, the Meuseo del Tessuto. The city is filled with beauty, history and splendor.  The palazzo  been renovated by Sabrina Bignami the founder of b-arch studio.

I wanted to share this really spectacular meld of old and new with you!  I hope to be bringing more beautiful spaces and furniture to you. Enjoy!

The chandelier is amazing! What a beautiful kitchen.Old Loves New

I love the mixture of Eero Saarinen’s furniture (designed over 50 years ago) with  the historic architecture.  The contrast of the white furniture against the muraled walls is also interesting.

So beautifully and wonderfully Italian!  I can hear the ice in cocktail glasses clinking now.

Romantic and elegant.

Oh to be a guest!

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