If I had 25M…………….would I want to live here?

All right the view is spectacular, the terrace is inviting, but am I really a New Yorker?  Do I want to be a New Yorker?  Would I ever feel at home in New York.

I’m a California sort of person, I couldn’t find a cab in my little beach town if I waved a handful of twenties.

But I must admit, I could see myself here, for a short time, maybe.  It is elegant, I would always want to make changes.

Dinner served by the help?  Seating for 12 at least.  Champagne of course…..I just don’t think this is me, maybe for 25M I would rather be right on the beach….yep, right on the beach is the perfect spot for me.


About Amy Ramaker IIDA, LEED ap, CPC

For the past 30 years, Amy has worked in the field of Commercial Architecture as an Interior Designer and Design Director. She has worked for Gensler, HNTB, as principal of her own architecture and interior design firm, and as Design Director for a venerable Steelcase Dealership in the Midwest. She has worked on projects ranging from the 1,000,000 sq.ft. Indiana Government Center, to a 850 sq. ft. coffee kiosk prototype. Amy is a Certified Professional Coach, a professional member of IIDA, NICDQ and is a LEED AP. I want to share the beautiful interiors, products and places that I find on my real life, and cyber travels.
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